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Isolated traumatic aniridia after trabeculectomy in a pseudophakic eye.


This is a single case report of an elderly patient who had blunt trauma in an eye that had phacoemulsification and two trabeculectomies. She had good vision with a well-functioning bleb before the trauma. She presented during her routine follow-up visit for glaucoma with isolated aniridia and an intact globe. The capsular bag, zonules, and the intraocular lens were intact. The cupping was 0.8, and the rest of the fundus and macula were normal. Pigments were seen over the sclera extending posteriorly upto the fornix. Gonioscopy revealed only faint pigments at the fistula. Following the trauma, the intraocular pressure had increased to 26 mm Hg. The mechanism and the management of the glaucoma are discussed.