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ExPRESS Shunt Surgery for Glaucoma with Post-Traumatic Aniridia.


Abstract A 76-year-old male presented with post-traumatic aphakia and aniridia in the right eye. The ocular pressure was 24mmHg despite treatment with mixed eyedrops of timolol 0.5% and dorzolamide, brimonidine 0.1%, and Latananoprost 0.005%. The glaucomatous cup excavation was 0.8. Because it was his only eye, we informed him of the possibility of the Ex-PRESS implant as a possible prevention measure of possible postoperative hypotony. Seidel, hypotony, and choroidal detachment were not observed in the postoperative period. In the first two postoperative months, the pressure remained at 14mmHg. The ocular pressure reached 20mmHg at three months, so he was treated with mixed eyedrops of timolol 0.5% and brimonidine 0.1%. The ocular pressure decreased to 12mmHg and remained at that level at the 10-month follow-up. The absence of serious postoperative complications suggest that this procedure may be an alternative in selected situations, such as for our patient.