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[Association between AXIN2 polymorphism and oligodontia].


To explore the association between AXIN2 polymorphism and oligodontia in Chinese population.We employed 97 individuals diagnosed with sporadic non-syndromic oligodontia and 200 healthy control subjects. Their DNA was obtained from the whole blood or buccul swap samples and the genotyping was performed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).Significant differences were observed in the allele and genotype frequencies of rs145353986 of AXIN2. Distributions of genotypes GG, GC and CC of rs145353986 polymorphism were significantly different between the case group and the control group (P = 0.011) and C allelic frequency was higher in the case group (P=0.002).These data demonstrate an association between rs145353986 of AXIN2 and non-syndromic oligodondia in the Chinese population. Furthermore, AXIN2 can be regarded as a marker gene for the risk of tooth agenesis.