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Adrenal myelolipomas composed with adrenal nodular hyperplasia in the same gland.

[adrenal incidentaloma]

Adrenal myelolipoma is a benign neoplasm composed of an admixture of hemopoietic elements and mature adipose tissue. The incidence of adrenal myelolipoma is reported as between 4% and 5% of adrenal incidentaloma. The association of an adrenal myelolipoma and adrenal nodular hyperplasia or adrenal adenoma is rare. Four cases of adrenal myelolipomas in the material of 702 incidentally discovered adrenal lesions treated in our center are presented in this paper (in a group of 294 operated patients). Two myelolipomas have been reported as isolated adrenal masses and two - in association with adrenocortical nodular hyperplasia.