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Adrenal incidentaloma.

[adrenal incidentaloma]

Adrenal incidentaloma is a common clinical problem and its prevalence, in radiological studies, comes close to that of autoptic data as a result of imaging technological advances. The diagnostic challenge is to distinguish the majority of benign lesions from other masses, either malignant or hormone secreting, which require further therapy. The imaging evaluation (unenhanced CT and MRI) can differentiate malignant to benign lesions because the benign lesions have high lipid content. All patients should be tested for hypercortisolism and pheochromocytoma whereas aldosteronism should be tested in hypertensive patients only. The optimal diagnostic management for adrenal incidentaloma is still controversial, and the endocrinologist must devise a cost-effective approach taking into account the extensive endocrine work-up and imaging investigations that may be necessary. A tailored strategy may be based on the selection of patients at increased risk who require a careful and extensive follow-up among the vast majority of patients who require a simplified follow-up.