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Current status and controversies in adrenal incidentalomas.

[adrenal incidentaloma]

Adrenal incidentalomas (AI) are serendipitously discovered lesions during abdominal imaging studies that need to be investigated for evidence of hormonal hypersecretion and/or malignancy. Because imaging modalities can reliably identify lesions that carry a high risk of malignancy, we focus on the identification of hypersecretory lesions and those with subclinical activity, particularly Cushing syndrome. Because diverse diagnostic tests and cut-offs are employed, the prevalence of hypersecretory AI varies widely, and there is controversy regarding their long-term sequelae. In this article we provide information regarding current radiological means to define the nature of AI, and the most appropriate biochemical tests for delineating hypersecretory states. We also discuss the duration and intensity of AI follow-up as well as the identification of AI that require specific therapeutic intervention.