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The effect of lathyrism on dentin structure of the rat incisors: a morphometric and scanning electron microscopic investigation.

[dentin dysplasia]

The present study was designed to study the effect of beta-aminopropionitrile (beta-APN), present in Lathyrus sativus grass pea consumed in drought prone areas, on dentin of the continuously erupting rat incisors.Eighteen adult male rats were used. In the experimental group (18 rats), lathyrism was induced by a once daily subcutaneous administration of beta-APN for 40 days. The maxillary and mandibular incisors were examined ultrastructurally and morphometrically.The mean number of patent tubules, the mean area, perimeter and the area percent of the tubules were analyzed. Ultrastructurally, the dentinal tubules of both coronal and radicular dentin in the lathyritic group were narrower or even obliterated compared with those in the control. The coronal and radicular dentin of the lathyritic group exhibited an irregular lattice of non-mineralized small branching collagen fibrils obliterating the dentinal tubules. The mean number of patent tubules in the control and lathyritic groups revealed an insignificant difference. The mean area of the tubules showed a statistically significant difference in lathyritic radicular dentin (P = 0.0353). The percentage of the total surface area of the dentinal tubules significantly decreased in the radicular dentin of the lathyritic group (P = 0.024).These findings indicated a deleterious effect of lathyrism on dentin, with a possible negative impact on developing teeth integrity.