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Clinical and echocardiographic features of children with rheumatic heart disease and their serum cytokine profile.

[acute rheumatic fever]

Acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) constitute important public health problems in developing countries. Children with ARF and RHD seen at Children's Hospital-Sudan from May 2008-2009 were examined clinically and by echocardiography. Blood cytokines (interleukin 10 (IL10), Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF- alpha) and interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) were done. Thirty six children were enrolled; 63% had established RHD, and 37% ARF. Mitral regurgitation (MR) was the most common lesion (94%).Ninety five percent of the valve lesions were severe. The serum interleukin IL10 level ranged between 3-6 pg/ml. TNF alpha levels were 9- 100 pg/ml in 12 patients (40%), 101-1000 pg/ml in 10 patients (33%), more than 1000 in 8 patients (26%). The level of IFN gamma ranged between 2-7 pg/m in all patients except 2 (84 and 135 pg/ml). RHD is manifested with severe valvular lesions and a high TNF alpha indicating and ongoing inflammation.