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Evaluation of serum ischemia modified albumin levels in acute rheumatic fever before and after therapy.

[acute rheumatic fever]

To investigate ischemia modified albumin (IMA) levels in children with acute rheumatic fever (ARF) before and after therapy and compare them with those of controls.Twenty seven patients with ARF and 18 healthy, age and sex matched children were included in the study. The diagnosis of ARF was established according to the modified Jones criteria. Follow-up studies were made when acute phase reactants [erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein (CRP)] levels returned normal. IMA levels were measured using the rapid and colorimetric method with the albumin cobalt binding test.IMA levels were significantly higher in ARF group (p<0.001) compared with controls at the time on admission. IMA (absorbance units) was measured as 0.41±0.10 in the control group, 0.55 (0.44-1.13) in the study group before treatment and 0.48±0.12 in the study group after treatment. After treatment, statistically important decrements were determined in the levels of ESR (p<0.001), CRP (p<0.001) and IMA (p<0.01). There was no significant difference for IMA levels between after treatment and control group. IMA levels at the time on admission correlated positively with ESR (r=0.605, p<0.01) and CRP (r=0.543, p<0.01).The present study shows that increased serum IMA levels in patients with ARF at the time of diagnosis is a sign of increased inflammation. Thus, serum IMA levels may be used as a follow-up marker like CRP and ESR for evaluating the efficacy of treatment in ARF.

Diseases presenting "fever" symptom

  • 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
  • acute rheumatic fever
  • alexander disease
  • allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
  • canavan disease
  • carcinoma of the gallbladder
  • child syndrome
  • congenital toxoplasmosis
  • cushing syndrome
  • cystinuria
  • dracunculiasis
  • erdheim-chester disease
  • esophageal adenocarcinoma
  • esophageal carcinoma
  • familial mediterranean fever
  • focal myositis
  • hodgkin lymphoma, classical
  • lamellar ichthyosis
  • legionellosis
  • locked-in syndrome
  • malignant atrophic papulosis
  • neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy
  • neuralgic amyotrophy
  • oculocutaneous albinism
  • papillon-lefèvre syndrome
  • pyomyositis
  • pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency
  • scrub typhus
  • severe combined immunodeficiency
  • sneddon syndrome
  • systemic capillary leak syndrome
  • triple a syndrome
  • typhoid
  • waldenström macroglobulinemia
  • wolf-hirschhorn syndrome

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