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A novel COMP mutation in a Chinese patient with pseudoachondroplasia.


A 2.75-year-old Chinese boy presented with typical clinical features of pseudoachondroplasia, including disproportionate short-limb short stature, brachydactyly, genu varus and waddling gait. Radiologically, tubular bones were short with widened metaphyses, irregular and small epiphyses; anterior tonguing or beaking of vertebral bodies were characteristic. DNA sequencing analysis of the COMP gene revealed a heterozygous mutation (c.1511G>A, p.Cys504Tyr) in the patient but his parents were unaffected without this genetic change. The missense mutation (c.1511G>A) was not found in 100 healthy controls and has not been reported previously. Our findings expand the spectrum of known mutations in COMP leading to pseudoachondroplasia.